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Online Teaching Experiences of ELT Instructors

Online teaching can be regarded as a central phenomenon among researchers, educators and students globally. Especially after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, almost all the institutions around the world felt the necessity to deliver such rapid online education to their students, possibly without sufficient preparation. Considering the current educational situation, this study was conducted with 39 participants at a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of this cross-sectional survey design study is to explore the perceptions of English instructors about online teaching, in terms of the technical, pedagogical and institutional problems they have experienced; therefore, a survey including both Likert Scale and open-ended questions were used to explore these issues in depth. The responses coming from Likert scale questions were analyzed in terms of frequency since the sample size is small. Open-ended responses of participants were analyzed through content analysis. The findings indicate that participants have experienced a lack of technical equipment for virtual classes, an increase in the workload, and a lack of financial support by the institution, despite the high number of participants reporting they got emotional support from their colleagues. Besides, the areas where they find most problematic are being able to create interaction opportunities in virtual classes, students’ low motivation, students’ lack of autonomy, lack of standardization in the faculty as well as general internet connectivity issues. Despite all the issues, yet most participants reported they have a positive attitude towards online teaching.

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online education, online classroom management, online classroom interaction, emergency remote teaching, pedagogical issues, virtual classrooms, COVID-19 outbreak
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