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Investigation of Adults’ Demands for Educational Activities in Public Training Centers with Respect to Different Variables

This study aims to reveal the factors that is determinative in educational demands of adults. The participants of this study in which General Survey Model was used consists of 247 people being over the age of 25 and enrolling in the educational activities of the Public Training Center (PTC) in Ankara (city-centre) in 2018-2019 Academic Year. Descriptive statistics such as percentage, frequency, median value, standard deviation were used to analyze the data as well as T-test and ANOVA tests to analyze the relations in the data set. Results of the present study revealed that "social", "professional", "self-development" and "economic'' reasons have been rather determinative in adults' demands for educational activities. Differences in gender, age, marital status, level of education, professional status, employment status, monthly income and the number of household members were found to be influencing the demands of adults in this respect. A further study to investigate the life cycles of women, who enroll in the educational activities provided by PTCs, after this process would be useful, thus, the content and function of education provided by PTCs may be evaluated.

Keywords: Adult, Adult Education, Education Demand, Public Training Center

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Ensar AKTAŞ,Hüseyin YOLCU
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