Pobail Chleachtais

Pobail Chleachtais

Is éard is pobail chleachtais ann grúpaí ar líne inar féidir le daoine ón earnáil foghlama aosaí  ar spéis leo na cineálacha ábhair chéanna teacht le chéile. Téigh isteach i bpobal chun casadh ar bhaill d’EPALE ó gach cuid den Eoraip ar spéis leo na rudaí céanna leatsa, chun smaointe, acmhainní agus dea-chleachtas a mhalartú.

New technologies in lecturer's work

4 members
Purpose of the groupMembers of the group are going to exchange experience from new technologies whithin leading of courses.Particular topics are for example:(1) A touchscreen in a course(2) ipad and

Digital Immigrants

8 members
This Community is to discuss and share innovation in the field of adult education and digital immigrants.

Organic Farming and Healthy Eating

3 members
Purpose of group It is aimed to develop innovative practices and village life for the development of organic agriculture in rural areas and the development of rural areas Target audience Adult

Digital challenges and opportunities for Community Adult Educators

6 members
Purpose of groupWhile an increased shift to online learning provision has been anticipated for some time, no-one was prepared for the suddenness with which this has had to be accommodated due to Covid

Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning 2018

14 members
Welcome to this private space for the Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning! The contact seminar will take place in Östersund Sweden on 16-18 October. The seminar

First Aid Training

3 members
Name of community First Aid Training Purpose of group use of technology in first aid training and innovative approaches Target audience Adult learning providers Theme addressed Quality Administrator


2 members
Nome della community LESS HATE MORE DEBATE Obiettivi del gruppo Share experiences and opinions about Debate methodology. I think this is the 1st project on Debate in Adult education and the community

Entrepreneurship-Based Learning (EBL) in adult education

3 members
Purpose of groupEntrepreneurship-Based Learning (EBL) is a Project-Based Learning (PBL) experience using one single project where the steps of setting-up a business are followed. In other words, with

Support to low-qualified / Podpora pre nízkokvalifikovaných

5 members
Purpose of groupTo provide a platform for sharing the information, ideas and examples in designing local/regional strategies for support to low-qualified and hard-to-reach groups. It should connect

Skaitmeninio mokymo(-si) aktualijos

13 members
Grupės tikslas Įvairios skaitmeninio mokymosi formos, tarp jų - ir nuotolinis bei mišrus nuotolinis mokymasis įgauna vis didesnį pagreitį suaugusiųjų švietime. Suaugusieji atranda mokymosi įvairių


4 members
Purpose of groupDiscussing ideasTarget audienceAdult learning providersAdministrator/ModeratorAleksander Temmo

VIRAL for local communities - EPALE Space

4 members
Nome del gruppo VIRAL for local communities - EPALE SpaceObiettivi del gruppo Richiesta per un progetto finanziato dall’UEDestinatari Reti e infrastrutture nazionali per l’apprendimento degli