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Unique Andragogical Aspects of Education in the Computer Assisted Classroom

Technological progress is impacting all areas of modern society. Computer technologies have in recent decades made inroads into the sphere of adult education, giving rise to, among other things, changes in the very nature of learning environments. New learning environments are coming into being, characterized both by physical and by virtual elements – we often call them computer-assisted classrooms. Our intention in this paper is to consider the unique andragogical aspects of education in computer-assisted classrooms, primarily focusing on the roles of the participants in adult education (the teacher and the learner), the educational environment itself, the organisation of education delivered in computer-assisted classrooms and educational communication in modern educational environments. The tendency is for these unique characteristics to be regarded in the context of the modernization of adult education, that is the shift from traditional to contemporary andragogical paradigms. In this sense, we have partly focused in this paper on the lasting training of participants in adult education, especially in the area of knowledge and skills relating to computer literacy.

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Bojan Ljujić
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