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Empowering Communities: A toolkit for promoting learning circles

This toolkit provides adult learning practitioners with information on Learning Circles - the uses, structure and potential advantages for adult learners. This non formal method is in essences a small informal group that meets to study a subject of interest to its members. The members of a Learning Circle share their knowledge and experience, learn new information and use new skills. Basically stated a Learning Circle is a group of people who meet regularly, face to face or virtually for the purpose of developing their learning and understanding of an agreed topic. This toolkit exaimes Group Dynamics, Personal Development and Peer Education.

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Christine Wilks, Elina Kumpina, Ana Rita Seirôco, Joaquim Jorge, Carla Proença, Cristina Costa, Mariana Stoiculescu, Gabriel Dobrescu, Luc Bernard and Julie Geslot.
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