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Expresion of Learning to Learn Competence of Adult Educators

The article examines the topic of learning abilities of adult educators: it reviews the importance of learning to learn competence for improvement of professionalism of adult educators providing the findings of survey of expression of learning to learn competence of adult educators. Survey shows how adult educators value the range of skills comprising the entirety of learning to learn competence and how they express the motivation to deepen the competence of learning to learn.

Analysis of literature and documents reveals that learning to learn competence is important characteristic of perfection of adult educators. Learning to learn can help adult educator more effectively master new skills necessary for implementing new objectives (consulting, coaching, empowering) for accepting novelties of education system implementation of which can stimulate changes in adult education. Learning to learn can be one of conditions for successful improvement of professional development under condition that the adult educator will reflectively understand his/her abilities and will utilise them for learning.

Results of empirical analysis show that adult educators value their learning to learn competence high. It shows their self-confidence associating it with learning motivation and application of knowledge.

Ability to learn adult educators associate with ability to collect, process, memorise and recall effectively information with ability to plan activities and to use knowledge and skills for different activities. Ability to learn reinforces understanding about specific things (strategies) which can be applied for effective learning, for understanding how to self motivate and for gaining confidence in success.

Survey shows time management skills which should be mostly developed which were presented in survey by statements: I am able to carry out the strategies I set out to do in order to change whatever has prevented me from meeting my deadlines; I am able to use my timetable (diary) to remember, organize and plan my activities; I am able to develop and produce timelines to indentify when each task begins and ends and take into account their deadlines; I am able to organize my time so I can do what I want without interferences: when I finish studying I can relax without think of my studies; when I’m studying I don’t want my family to interrupt me; I am able to determinate how I waste time when I tackle tasks that do not motivate me or demand a lot of effort in order to find ways to get through them.

Understanding topicality of learning to learn for results of learning adult educators expressed wish to increase their learning to learn competence in special courses. As the priority topics for learning skills development they mention development of memory, methods of effective memorising and recalling information, information analysis skills and techniques of relaxation.

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Vilija Lukošūnienė, Marijona Barkauskaitė
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