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Policy recommendations of the BASKET Learning Partnership on Professional Development for teachers of adult basic skills

BASKET is a Learning Partnership within the Grundtvig/LLP programme which focused on the professional development of basic skills teachers. It joined partners from areas like education and research as well as policy making and implementation, such partners who are engaged in developing national models, curricula and training modules for the professional development of teachers teaching basic skills to adults.

The partnership examined the different aspects of the professional development of basic skills teachers in Europe. Basic skills refer to reading, writing, oral communication, everyday math and digital competence. It investigated national strategies and systems for professional development of basic skills trainers for adults such as the qualifications required to be a basic skill teacher, models for delivering the training and the content of the training in different countries. The partnership also discussed different challenges related to this in an open online debate involving practitioners from the partner countries.

The members of the partnership were the following adult learning providers Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning (Vox)National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy (NRDC) , German Institute for Adult Education (DIE)Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA)Regional Center of Education and Language School, PilsenProgress ConsultEducation Scotland.

BASKET drafted recommendations for further development of professional development of basic skills teachers. The recommendations treat different aspects related to the development of basic skills, policy as well as practice.

Project period 1 August 2011 – 31 July 2013

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BASKET Learning Partnership: VOX, NRDC, DIE, SVEB, IREA, KCJSV, Progress Consult, Education Scotland
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