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Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020

The Lifelong Learning Strategy is a document that guides the most important developments in the area of education. It is the basis on which the government will make its decisions for educational funding for the years 2014-2020 and for the development of programmes that support the achievement of necessary changes.

The general goal of drafting the Lifelong Learning Strategy is to provide all people in Estonia with learning opportunities that are tailored to their needs and capabilities throughout their whole lifespan, in order for them to maximize opportunities for dignified self-actualization within society, in their work as well as in their family life.

To pursue the general goal, five strategic goals have been established.


  • Change in the approach to learningImplementation of an approach to learning that supports each learner’s individual and social development, the acquisition of learning skills, creativity and entrepreneurship at all levels and in all types of education.
  • Competent and motivated teachers and school leadershipThe assessments of teachers and headmasters including their salaries are consistent with the qualification requirements for the job and the work-related performance.
  • Concordance of lifelong learning opportunities with the needs of labour marketLifelong learning opportunities and career services that are diverse, flexible and of good quality, resulting in an increase in the number of people with professional or vocational qualifications in different age groups, and an increase in overall participation in lifelong learning across Estonia.

  • A digital focus in lifelong learningModern digital technology is used for learning and teaching effectively and efficiently. An improvement in the digital skills of the total population has been achieved and access to the new generation of digital infrastructure is ensured.

  • Equal opportunities and increased participation in lifelong learning Equal opportunities for lifelong learning have been created for every individual.

Developing the Lifelong Learning Strategy has been a two-stage process. In cooperation with the civil society organizations, the Estonian Cooperation Assembly and the Estonian Education Forum, the Ministry of Education and Research initiated the project “Five Challenges in Estonian Education – Education Strategy for 2012-2020” during the period of 2009-2011.

This document was a starting point for discussions in the task force that included experts from the fields of education and the labour market who were responsible for compiling the current strategy in 2013. During the development of the strategy, an advisory body, mainly composed of the experts who had created the original document on the five challenges in Estonian education, was consulted. The Government officially approved the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy on February 13, 2014.

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