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Icelandic labour market and the need for new skills  Two  recent reports within Adult Education.


 Abstract:  A few years ago when Iceland applied for membership of the European Union, the Education and Training Service Centre was allocated funds to develop ways to collect and disseminate information and counselling with regard to competence in the labour market. Part of the project was to develop further evaluation of future competency needs in the labour market and this task was transferred to the Directorate of Labour where it became a task of the author of this article. The author has taken part in an EU project where the objective is to develop a model for analysing the development of the labour market, the workforce, competency needs and the interaction between competency needs and education in Europe. The objective of the project was to give a clearer forecast of competency needs in the European labour market ten to twenty years ahead. This is thought to become useful for the European Union as a whole and the individual member states in forming a policy concerning labour market issues, education and competency needs. The article is a short overview of those points that relate to the Icelandic labour market.

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Karl Sigurðsson
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