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Innovative Information and Communication technologies in ADULTS EDUCATION (Handbook)

An international teacher training methodology that is built on the best European practice and achievements. It is as the first step for our target group in growth not just in technological knowledge but also in teacher’s pedagogical capacity in their specific subject areas.

This handbook is one of the results of Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig project “Tech-Connected Teacher”. It seeks to create an international adult teacher training methodology which will be based on the best European practice and achievements, as well as create training courses following the theory of this handbook and use it in practice.

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V. Moteikaitytė, S. Knot, A. Cięglewicz-Wachowiak, E. Karczewska, A. Darul, A. Valles, I. Avramidis, P. Kosmidis, R. Kubiliūnas, D. Raišutis, M. Guobys, I. Parpalas, E. Delle Donne, L. Martelli, S. Drąsutis
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