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A professional development framework for Scotland’s adult literacies workforce

Education Scotland has published the professional development framework for Scotland's adult literacies workforce. This is part of the implementation of the Scottish Government’s ten-year strategy for raising the literacies levels of Scotland’s adults.The framework is for:

  • current adult literacies practitioners
  • those aspiring to become adult literacies practitioners
  • those who work in linked fields, such as youth work, who wish to integrate support for literacies development into their work
  • those involved in designing, approving, accrediting or validating adult literacies practitioners’ qualifications
  • those who train adult literacies practitioners
  • those who provide opportunities for continuing professional development for the adult literacies workforce
  • those who are responsible for the quality of adult literacies programmes
  • employers of adult literacies practitioners
  • members of other professions who work closely with adult literacies practitioners and
  • the general public.

The framework can be used to identify entry routes into roles, development and specialisation within roles, and progression from one role into another.

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