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Working in sports with diverse communities across Europe. "M.A.T.C.H." document collection

Integration of migrants on the level of sport associations, teams and social events, during victory and loss as well as planning of common activities is very often not only a language but also an intercultural challenge which could be mastered in a much better way, if responsible persons would have more experiences, knowledge and competencies about intercultural issues.

We have many diverse communities in Europe. Some groups are harder to engage than others; these groups are often called ‘hard to reach’.However, it is important to note that many of these communities are not actually hard to reach and many do not consider themselves as such. It is just that when engaging with these groups consideration is needed.

These communities may include people who share any interest including faith, ethnicity or other characteristic.

Some general advice for effective engagement with migrants:

• You should not generalise or stereotype people from a particular group.• Your relationships will be greatly enhanced if you understand some of the communities’ individual cultures, customs and needs before you try to engage.• Your aim should be to make it as easy as possible for all groups to engage.• Give clear guidance as to what rights people have and let them know that they don’t have to engage if they don’t want to.• Be clear as to what information is needed from people.• Transport sometimes an issue for communities. They may not be able to get to a location, especially if it is at night. Also consider the cost of getting to events or meetings.• Only consult with people when it is necessary and going to effect change. People can get tired of being consulted particularly if it seems that nothing much will happen.• Speak clearly and do not use jargon.• Empower people to make their own decisions wherever possible.• Allow people to ask questions.• Keep people informed with what is happening.• Feedback what has happened after the consultation.• Don’t forget: people may be a member of more than one community group.


The resource hereby attached is the document collection of a Grundtvig learning partnership project: "Migration and Sports – a challenge for sports associations and trainers". It contains the project background, a country description of each project partner institution and its diverse communities , some useful definitions and the collection of working materials and newsletters.


Single materials are also avaialable on


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