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ELINET: results after 2 years

Established in February 2014, the European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET) unifies 77 partner organisations from 28 European countries (including 24 EU member states) engaged in literacy policy-making and reading promotion in Europe.

Types of organisations:

  • Education ministries and national agencies
  • Existing literacy networks and national associationsInternational organisations (like UNESCO)
  • Foundations and NGOs
  • Universities, research centres and teacher training institutions
  • Volunteer organisations

In Europe 1 in 5 adults have difficulties with reading and writing. Tens of millions of Europeans do not have sufficient literacy skills and are unable to participate fully in society. The problem won't disappear overtime. 1 out of 5 15 years old cannot read their own textbooks propoerly. Literacy difficulties can have serious difficulties as this video explains.


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