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Computers for Life

Computers for Life is a basic ICT course designed for the learning disability community. It was commissioned by Catherine Crerar (Adult Literacy Development Worker, CLAN West Dunbartonshire) and developed with Norma Lamond (ICT and Adult Literacies Tutor).

The pack provides 10 weeks of materials which introduces learners to the basics of the computer as well as how to use email and the Internet. The materials are designed so that adult literacies learners can follow them easily and so that they can develop their literacies skills alongside their ICT skills.

Computers for Life was generated from the interests of the learners who took part and their environment (i.e. West Dunbartonshire).  However, many of the handouts and activities e.g. safe use of the computer, hardware & software can be just lifted and used with any basic ICT group. When resources are geographically-specific (i.e. the CLAN webquest on Dumbarton) you are encouraged to adapt resources to suit your own circumstances. The links to online resources and activities were accessible at the time of publication.

All the materials in the pack were produced by West Dunbartonshire on a cdrom, which includes examples of interactive jigsaws and the open source programme used to produce them. 

Please contact Norma on or Catherine at CLAN, West Dunbartonshire Council on 0141 951 4952 for more information about the cdrom and the course itself. 

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