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Learning Decision and Spiritual Based Skills for Adult Education

The study was conducted on adult women who would run for village head. Because education is provided through adult learning in taking decisions and accompanied by spiritual guidance, adult educations were also required to increase college services to enter the community. The question researches were how women as candidate village head can make decision to become a village head and how to implemented spiritual guidance counselling for politic (SGCP) among adult women education toward political decision making. With one subject, mix method for single subject design of this research, found strengthening woman as adult education more strong to make decision and become a winner as head viillage. Spiritual guidance counselling for politic (SGCP) was a construct of educational psychology for woman in preparing and facing politic. The aim of SGCP became a first SGCP provided by the candidate of village head as one of the representative candidates reinforce the woman in decision making to be the contestant of woman head the village. The second prepare, the woman as the woman representative and face the risk of candidacy after successfully being a village head or not. Being the contestant of woman’s representation needs such four things as gender, people, financial, prays, spiritual.

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Elfi Mu’awanah, Nur Hidayah, Sulistyorini, Rifa Hidayah
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