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Gamification of Digital Tasks – Guideline

Gamification of Digital Tasks – Guideline is the Intellectual Output No 1.

The project will also bring together small groups of these adults in events and show them how to transfer their digital skills into real life situations and how to use technology to improve their lives.

The partnership is formed by 6 organizations from 4 countries: UOM - University of Macedonia (Greece), APEC - Educational Enterprise (Turkey), Kerigma – Innovation and Social Development Institute of Barcelos, PRSC - Panevezys District Education Centre (Lithuania), Nara Education Technologies (Turkey). The partnership is led by Ministry of National Education (Turkey).

The project "Enhancing Digital Skills of Hard-to-Reach Adults for Better Life Chances" (OUR DIGI SPACE, No 2018-1-TR01-KA204-058750) has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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Erasmus+ project OUR DIGI SPACE team
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Ressources éducatives libres
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