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Analysis of Social Media Addiction in Adult Individuals

This study aims to investigate the social media addiction levels of the adults in the Çay/ Afyon according to their gender, age, marital status, monthly income levels, social media tools they use most frequently, social media usage purposes and daily social media usage periods. The study group consisted of 200 adults aged 30-70 years old in the Çay/ Afyon. The Personal Information Form and the Social Media Addiction Scale - Adult Form were employed as data collection tools. In the analysis of the data, t test, kruskal wallis h test, dunnet t3 post hoc test were used, and the demographic variables were subjected to percentage and frequency distribution analysis. 52% males and 48% females with an age range of 30-70 (M=40.16) participated in the study. The findings revealed that social media dependencies of the participants were generally low. Divorced adults were found to be more addicted to social media than married adults. In addition, it was found that the virtual tolerances of the adults with low monthly income were higher.

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Mehmet Enes SAĞAR
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