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International Voluntary Service : research on competences

Every year more than 20.000 people take part in international voluntary projects: it is a big community of people (mainly under 30 years old) who share an incredible, unique and unforgettable experience. European Voluntary Service network named Alliance is running a strategic partnership develop researches and training modules, manuals and digital tools, with the aim of engaging in the test of the recognition system about 1000 volunteers. The system will be based on the methods of non-formal, declined in the approach of peer learning and the use of digital open source tools.

The results of this research phase are collected in two reports:

  • Desk ResearchYouth work, Volunteering, Recognition and Employability. Defining and recognizing competences
  • Field research: The Recognition Players. Different perspectives on the volunteers competences and their recognition and validation, from the different sectors and geographical perspectives
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Karin Stiehr
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Études et rapports
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