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"ForestGame" project

The aging of the working population at European level is evident. This new situation should be accompanied by strategies for adapting work organization, tasks and working conditions to the special characteristics of this group of adult workers. These strategies include training programs for workers with appropriate guidelines for the development of their job effectively, improving working conditions and professionalism of this group.

In forestry, scientific and statistical data have been confirmed that there are high rates of mortality and morbidity in the development of the activity, specifically regarding diseases overexertion and risks of derivatives safety prevention and fire extinguishing.

Fire extinguishing takes place in difficult conditions, as the nature of the emergency requires urgent action, jobs are painful and exhausting and almost always take place in an atmosphere of haste and nervousness.

The work of prevention and firefighting require high physical and mental demands, which sometimes can generate an imbalance with the capabilities of workers. Being therefore necessary adequately qualify at each of the competencies of his job, in order to obtain a quick response, as required by workers.


  • Development of a specific training program based in a Serious Game for prevention and firefighting operator that takes into account the activities carried out and that includes the physical and mental requirements necessary, and skills and capabilities to consider in the development of Europe-wide Training Program, in a context of aging population.
  • Develop a report that brings to notice the impact of aging on physical, sensory and motor capacities of prevention and firefighting operator ,and its incidence to perform safely the tasks related to prevention and firefighting, because high stress, toxic and dangerous jobs.

All partners have the common premise of "normalizing" to European level all those possible and common actions between the European countries. In this respect, this proposal Trivial would complement to the actions of normalization implemented by the work group of training and would contribute a innovation since it will allow the identification of the skills that at present are needed, developing a Interactive training tool Standardized between the participant countries with high rates of wildfire such Portugal, Spain and Malta, and transferable to other countries in future actions.

The novelties of this project was suppose that the curriculum was be composed by training modules that integrate medical, physical, technical and mental conditions qualify the workers in their skills. To perform with full guarantees of safety and health a position of extinguishing and wildfire prevention, it is required an academic a multidisciplinary training that integrates medical aspects of physical, technical and mental condition because of their high psychophysical demands of the jobs.

"ForestGame" is available to be used in mobile devices and PCs. The nature of this job demands a tool that can be used no matter where.

The project had 2 Intellectual Outputs:

  1. Report: Job Profile Diagram And Training Program For Workers Operators Of Prevention And Extinguishing Forest Fires.
  2. Training By Serious Game: Trivial “Forestgame”.

The results of the project you can find in the web page of the project:

The training program:

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