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Cooperation against Alzheimer and Dementia S.O.S. Demencia

We consider that the whole approach, the selection of the themes of the curriculum, the proposed methods in each modules, the simple non-professional languge which can be understood by lay people, the structures of the modules, (starting from simple or basic issues towards more complicated ones), the community approach to the target groups, and  the proposed community-based trainings (enforcing local democracy and the involvement of multiple generations) are the most important innovative features of the curriculum.

The selected themes cover 4 important aspects of life in old age.  Bringing together the IT training, Volunteer activities, Handling Demencia and Alzheimer’s and Activity can provide a good preparation for active ageing for different generations.  It is not only the task of the 50+ generation close to retirement but it should start at an earlier stage of life, at least from the 30+ generation. Furthermore, the core idea of active ageing has to be acquired already in childhood via one's family life.  

The preparation for active ageing requires a complex knowledge. Family members need to be prepared how to handle threatening illnesses, what social responsibility and volunteerism mean at an elderly age, and how to change learning patterns later in life. Therefore the preparation for active ageing needs a complex approach through different avenues. This knowledge has to become a basic value for the people involved, for local communities, families and multiple generations.   


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