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"Click Once, Learn Several Times" Project Survey Results



The survey to evaluate our education videos broadcasting on our website ( prepared within Erasmus+ European Union Project has been done by target group; university students, refugees, and housewives.


It is established that 580 university students aged 18-25 (230 men, 350 women), 650 refugees (200 men, 450 women), 725 housewives and 75 other people joined the survey. When we examine the age group range, 220 of refugees and 180 of housewives are aged 18-25; 190 of refugees and 300 of housewives are aged 26-35; 150 of refugees and 200 of housewives are aged 36-55; 90 of refugees and 45 of housewives are aged over 55 years old.

550 of those who joined the survey answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘Did you watch the education videos on our website?’ And 1425 people answered ‘no’.

The answers to the question ‘Are you interested in our education videos?’ are %75 ‘‘I agree’’, %10 ‘‘I partially agree’’, and %15 ‘‘I don’t agree’’.

The answers to the question ‘ Are the videos helpful for the daily life?’ are %50 ‘‘I agree’’, %25 ‘‘I partially agree’’, and %25 ‘‘I don’t agree’’.

‘Sport, music, cooking and information technology’ areas were demanded the question ‘Please specify the areas that you want to be added except for existing videos’.

Most of the surveyors (%90) said ‘yes’ and %10 said ‘no’ for the question ‘Do you recommend the education videos to the people around you?’.

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