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Transition to a digital society: vision and action plan Social and Economic Council Flanders

The Flanders Social and Economic Council (SERV) focuses on the theme of digitization. After all, not only the technologies are changing, also tasks and jobs, skills and competences, work forms and work formulas, revenue models and organizational structures are evolving. To encourage the Flemish Government to tackle the digital transition more thoroughly, the social partners published a vision note and action plan.

"If we do not act now and anticipate, Flanders is in danger of falling behind because other regions/countries are making the transition faster," Mieke Valcke from the SERV said on the meeting day "Literacy at work: wh@t is th@t?" on 8 November 2019 in Brussels.

However, more and more jobs - not just IT jobs - have a digital component, which means that many people need new knowledge and competences. But the motivation to follow a training is low in Flanders, which is reflected in the figures: 8.7% of Flemish people between 25 and 64 took part in training in the past four weeks compared to up to 30% in Scandinavian Nations. Digitization is also changing the learning environment and learning materials. Too few companies and organizations in Flanders are organized as learning-oriented workplaces. The Flemish social partners think it is very urgent for Flanders to shift up a gear: education, the labor market, the economy and the government need to adapt more quickly to the digitization trend. The social partners formulated recommendations and actions for the Flemish Government and other actors to tackle the transition to a digital society. "




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