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Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom

Are you exploring blended learning (integrating online learning with face-to-face instruction)? Perhaps you have been doing this for some time, but are looking for ways to improve what you are doing, or for new and better tools. Perhaps you are curious to learn what other adult basic education (including English language learning) practitioners are doing with blended learning, or you are looking for an exciting way to engage teachers and students in online learning inside or outside the classroom.

Attached in a downloadable guide, Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom, published by Essential Education as a free service to the adult basic education field.

The content is broken down into ten sections plus an appendix:

  1. What is Blended Learning, and How Could it Help Adult Learners, Adult Literacy Educators, Programs and Schools?
  2. What Does Blended Learning in Adult Basic Education Look Like?
  3. How to Use Blended Learning with Your Students
  4. Deciding On and Implementing an Online Learning Platform that Fits Your Needs
  5. Teaching Tools for Students Using Blended Learning
  6. Blended Learning and Formative Assessment
  7. Online Learning Portfolios for Blended Learning Assessment and Recognition of Progress
  8. Blended Learning and Flipped Learning
  9. Blended Learning Combined with Mastery and Competency-Based Learning
  10. A Vision of Blended Learning in the Future


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