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Innovative Information Technologies for Adult Education

The final outcome of the international „Innovative Information Technologies in Adult Education“(IITAE) Grundtvig project is finalized and published online.  E-Book aims at increasing digital literacy amongst the lectors in adult learning. If used properly, it should reduce potential worries and show how simple and useful ICT tools can be.

The aim of this e-Book is:

  • To increase digital literacy among the educators, to reduce potential worries, to show how simple and useful ICT tools can be;
  • To present the most efficient resources that, according to agreed criteria, can be regarded as good practices and that can be helpful in adult education for the project partners, other adult education providers and adults themselves.

Persons who are involved in conducting, organising, participating in training sessions can benefit of the e-Book.

You can find the e-Book in PDF and ePub formats both available for online viewing and for downloading on IITAE project‘s website

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Asociacija „Viešieji interneto prieigos taškai“
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