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Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS)

The CVTS collects information on enterprises' investment in the continuing vocational training of their employees. The reference period for the provision of continuing vocational training is the calendar year and data are collected every five years. The most recent year for which data are available is 2010.

Information available from the CVTS is grouped around the following topics:

  • Training/non-training enterprises
  • Participation in continuing vocational training
  • Planning and assessment of continuing vocational training
  • Costs of continuing vocational training courses
  • Time spent on continuing vocational training courses

Four waves of the CVTS have been carried out by now:

  • CVTS 1 – reference year 1993
  • CVTS 2 – reference year 1999
  • CVTS 3 – reference year 2005
  • CVTS 4 – reference year 2010
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