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Active Senior Citizens: volunteers for social inclusion

The resource is an overview of the activities implemented during the Grundtvig Senior Volunteering project "Active Senior Citizens: volunteers for social inclusion" realized under the Lifelong Learning Programme and cofunded by the European Commission. ASC is a social project project whose main aim is to promote the active participation of senior volunteers in the realization of social inclusion, giving an European dimension to the local work of the involved organizations thanks to the cultural and experiential contribution of volunteers from another European Country, while increasing  senior volunteers’ personal, social, practical and intercultural skills and making them aware of their role as European active citizens. 

The content of the web-site shows how this kind of transnational activities have a strong positive impact on the senior participants in terms of personal grouth, increased self-esteem, perseption of the value and importance of their life experience and support, for the disabled users and social workers in terms of enjoing and learning form the meeting with a different culture, learning new tools and instruments, and for the partner organizations in terms of a deeper cooperation, greater involvement of their own senior volunteers at a local level, possibility to aquire new ideas and methodologies from the partner.

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