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FE Workforce Data Reports 2013/14

Understanding trends and patterns within the sector workforce is important for providers, for policy makers and for researchers. Common themes, such as where the most hard to fill vacancies are, the most common pattern of work, average salary, and percentage of qualified staff, will inform decision making and strategic activity. The Education and Training Foundation is tasked with leading on workforce data collection across the education and training sector and the following data reports are now available, together revealing the average salary, age and working patterns of thousands of people working in the education and training sector.

  • Adult and Community Learning Workforce Survey Report 2013/14
  • Further Education workforce data for England – Analysis of the 2013/14 staff individualised record (SIR) data 2013/14
  • Work Based Learning Workforce Survey 2013/14
  • Workforce data across the Further Education sector 2013/14 – summary report

The three latest workforce reports, for 2013/14, provide data about the entire workforce, allowing organisations and employees to see how they compare to others in terms of gender balance, pay, percentage of qualified staff and areas which are hardest to recruit.

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