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Results of an Erasmus + mobility project in Montpellier academy

The "Professional experience in Europe" project is carried out by a consortium bringing together the GIP FORMAVIE, GIP " Continuing education and professional integration " of the Montpellier academy, and the six high schools carrying the six GRETAs of the academy (GRETA Montpellier littoral, GRETA from Gard, GRETA from Eastern Pyrenees, GRETA Hérault west, GRETA from Aude and GRETA from Lozère).The participants, fewer than expected due to the health crisis, were able to broaden their vision of the European labor market and / or openness to welcoming a foreign population in France. They were mostly enrolled in foreign language training, but also in level 4 training in the tourism sector and level 3 in the fields of cooking and pastry making. These training courses and the Erasmus + mobility offered responded well to the economic context of the former Languedoc Roussillon region, very affected by unemployment and seasonality, and very much geared towards tourism. They were financed by the Regional Council or by the employment center: the participants therefore all had the status of trainee in vocational training.Most of the mobility took place in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, but also in Malta, Hungary, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and Portugal : the destinations were initiated by the trainees, according to their projects and the practice of the English language was the most wanted. The majority found a job or training after the mobility experience during the year 2019 but the French and European labor markets were much more difficult in 2020. The participants all testify to the energizing effect of this experience in the development of their professional project and their assets for access to employment.The educational and administrative teams of GRETAs are also valued by this process of European openness and by their proven ability to offer open and effective training for participants' access to employment.In addition to the impact on the participants and on the GRETA teams, the GRETA approach is identified as positive and consistent by and with the institutional environment, itself involved in international development, as is the case for the Rectorate. of the Academy of Montpellier, the Regional Council and Pôleemployment.

The links developed by the consortium with host companies and intermediary organizations have been put on hold since the first confinement in March 2020 and must now be reactivated to continue a well-established dynamic of international openness.



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