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8 Nov

Train the Trainer

Czech Republic
‘Train the trainer’(TRTR) is an essential course for all those promoted to a training supervisory role as well as to all those wishing to refresh/enhance theirTRTR (2) training skills. The course covers a variety of topics which are fundamental for successfully running a course, such as writing a structured training course as well as an overview of effective training skills. Moreover, the course deals with effective training practices and procedures and emphasizes on the importance of body language and voice projection. ‘Train the trainer’ course also covers the pros and cons of classroom training versus individual/one-to-one training and how the trainer can create a fully ‘engaged’ audience and ensure the active participation of all delegates. This course equips the participants with the necessary skills to handle questions and manage difficult trainees. It is ideal not only for those who want to improve their training skills but also those wishing to know the essentials of developing, organizing and running training programmes as well as those involved in the implementation of training policy and improvement of staff competency levels. This is a masterclass course for trainers, teachers in supervisory role, training managers, Human Resources staff and professionals responsible/in charge of the development of staff competence level as an integral part of the overall business development strategy.
15 Nov

Secure EU funding: access EU funds

‘Secure EU funding: access EU funds’ (SEEU) is a masterclass course for all those involved in preparation of proposals to be submitted for funding in any of the major EU programmes and calls. The participants will have the opportunity to be presented with an overview of EU programming period 2014-2020 through the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and to acquire in depth knowledge of the key issues for EC project selection and identification of suitable calls for their organisations. Moreover, the participants will learn how to build the right partnership for a project proposal and understand the importance of geographical coverage achieved through the consortium. Furthermore, the participants will gain invaluable insight on how they can efficiently draft a proposal as well as the role and responsibilities of everyone involved in the drafting process. The course gives emphasis on the role of the partners in the drafting of the proposal and how the project manager and all those assisting in drafting they can set up an effective time plan schedule that will allow them to meet call deadlines. ‘Secure EU funding: access EU funds’ course offers ‘hands on’ experience to participants through practical examples and exercises with which the participants learn how to match an idea to relevant programmes, how to analyse a call for proposals as well as how to proceed with the budget/financial analysis in a specific application form. This is a masterclass course taught by high calibre professionals with vast experience in EU funding and the mechanisms of EC related to funds. Ideal course for all those involved or likely to be involved in the preparation of successful EU funded proposals.