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Julkaisija Hakan YANDIM

Computer and health is actually the most important point of using computers, but generally this issue is not important. From an early age we have to sit in front of the computer for a long time. Many industry employees work in front of the computer close to 12 hours a day. Not only for business life, but many computer users surf the internet, such as playing games for hours because of the time you can spend without leaving the computer. The effects of these situations began to come into the agenda slowly. People who have previously had a back and neck discomfort by lifting weights can become herniated. Wrist pains have also taken place among the discomforts we often hear about today. Especially for a long time using the mouse in the wrist, numbness, nerve compression, and then we can experience severe pain in the night to live up to the syndromes can live.
The main point of these problems is to use computers for hours, not to sit properly in front of the computer, lying on a sofa outside the computer desk and so on. stems Again, the widespread use of laptops plays an important role in increasing the health problems we experience. Because the integration of the keyboard and the display in laptops can cause standstill problems. Also, when using desktops on a desk, laptops can be used in many different places due to the convenience of carrying. We couldn't stop using our laptop, even though we could get a good fit on the journeys between the two seats.

What can we do?
• We should review our computer usage habits. Do we have to stay on the computer for hours like this? We must first question this. We must get rid of the game and internet addiction as soon as possible.
• Notebooks should be used with an extra keyboard and mouse, and users should ensure that they are properly seated against the laptop.
• Rest assured at regular intervals when using a computer. You should go through these ranges, do relaxing exercises, look at the distant points to relax the eye muscles.
• We should not look too closely at the computer screen. This is also true for LED-LCD televisions that are widely sold recently. Normally 32 metre ie 82 cm television should be monitored at a distance of 3.5 meters. But we cannot provide this standard in our homes most of the time, and we tire of watching our eyes both while using computers and watching television. (1 inch 2,54 cm)
• We must use a table in accordance with the standards and the height-adjustable seat with backrest. Usually, computers are used at home tables or at tables which do not meet the standards. This may lead to posture disorders and subsequent lumbar and neck discomfort.
• Sitting on the legs as we sit on the legs, stretching our feet to the ground can push the waist. Therefore, the upper part of our legs should be horizontal when using a computer.
You may review Microsoft's Healthy Computer User Guide on this topic (

For your computer to work efficiently, the computer must be in a healthy environment. What we call a healthy environment; away from heating sources, the computer air ducts can not be closed and airy atmosphere as we can summarize. For the physical security of the computer, we have listed the requirements below.
• The power supply must be grounded. Broken, loose plugs should be replaced If possible, do not use any electrical devices that consume power other than the computer.
• While using a computer, care should be taken not to spill the refreshed snacks between the keys of the beverages. If you have crumbs, it may prevent some of your keys from working. If you have an external keyboard, you can turn the keyboard upside down and clean the keyboard with slow strokes. The notebook keyboard can usually be cleaned by removing the keys. It is not recommended to do this yourself if you do not have the knowledge and experience in this area.
• Computer cases and monitors should not be covered with cover while working. The ventilation holes on the enclosure and monitor must not be closed.
• The floor is usually very dusty in homes. If the computer is located in a higher environment, it can protect the computer from the threat of dust. Particularly, the fans of the computer pull these dusts away and deteriorate over time. Fans that cannot cool sufficiently can cause serious damage to your computer. For example, if the fan on the processor is not able to cool the processor, your computer shuts down because the processor overheats. If you insist on turning on the computer before the processor cools down, you may cause damage to the processor. Therefore, the maintenance of the fans is important. If necessary, the fan should be replaced with a new one.
• The desktops (system units) are located in closed cabinets in some houses. Your computer will quickly heat up and be damaged as there is not enough airflow in this indoor environment while the computer is running.

• The inside of the computer cases running in dusty environments is filled with dust over time. If these dusts are placed inside the fans, the situation is more severe. In this case, the electrical connection of the case should be cut off, the side cover should be opened and cleaned by the compressor. Usually home users use brooms for this process, but this can cause serious damage to your equipment. For example, the video card, where you apply extreme close up with the broom, may not work again.
• Do not use your notebook in environments where the ventilation holes will close. (Blanket, bedspread etc.)
• Coolers that are frequently used for laptops in the recent period should not have USB ports. Coolers with USB ports will power your computer from USB and will cool your computer from one side and warm up. Coolers with adapters that use power from the socket should be preferred. If you have a USB input heatsink, you can use the device that converts the USB (recently) to the adapter.
• Be careful not to crush the cables.
• Disconnect the power when cleaning the computer. You can wipe the case and monitor with a slightly damp cloth. You can use the cleaners specially manufactured for LCD monitors with micro fiber cloth. Be careful not to apply too much force when wiping the LCD screen.
• Be careful not to keep your computer in a humid environment. In addition, computers that are left in an extremely cold environment may not work until the room temperature reaches a certain level. At the same time, LCD screens of computers that are left in an extremely cold environment may be problematic. In such cases, it is advisable to warm up slowly.
• Back up important data on your hard disk to areas such as CD, DVD, portable memory. The hard disk has a certain life span and consider the possibility that one day you may not be able to access the data on your hard disk.

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Tiistai, 19 helmikuu, 2019
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