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Regional EPALE Collaboration - International conference EPALE Turkey 2022

International conference EPALE Turkey organised by NSS EPALE Turkey was held in Antalya on 21st and 22nd March 2022.

National teams EPALE Serbia and EPALE Bosnia and Herzegovina gave their contribution to this event. On the first day of the event, representatives of both national teams EPALE Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in a panel discussion. 

Good practice examples of EPALE regional collaboration among NSSs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia were presented and shared by Ms. Marica Vukomanović  and Ms. Daria Mršić, who spoke on behalf of NSS EPALE teams from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which the conference participants had the opportunities to ask questions and discuss further on this topic.

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regional epale collaboration.
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Ms. Marica Vukomanović  and Ms. Daria Mršić
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