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Dzintra Līce: sometimes the solution is right in front of you

I am curious about new challenges, new opportunities, and it does not matter that I am 61 years old.


Short bio

I'm someone who's always enjoying life! Three areas where I feel most confident are tourism and hospitality, psychology, and andragogy. I have worked in the national library and have gained international work experience in Egypt, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, and elsewhere. For 25 years, I have been the head of social training, a teacher in professional guidance training institutions, and an adult trainer in businesses and training centers.


EPALE renewed my faith in Internet platforms -  meaningful events and intelligent people. I've been an EPALE regional expert for six months now, and I'm still learning. I wanted to be a teacher in high school, and have now realised this ambition with the support of EPALE. In addition, I have studied psychology in Latvia (for seven years) and abroad at the Positive Psychology Academy of St. Petersburg. As a result, I have also obtained professional education in pedagogy. The best thing about being part of the EPALE community is that  you are always a student!

My Story

I have had excellent opportunities to combine my knowledge in psychology with work in the tourism and hospitality businesses in Latvia, Europe, and the Middle East. I am curious about new challenges, new opportunities, and it does not matter that I am 61 years old.

September 28, 2021, Jurmala.Integration of People with Disabilities or Mental Disorders in Employment and Society, the ESF project of the State Social Inclusion. The conference represents five years of work on the project. I joined the project's team in the winter of 2018 when I received an offer to run classes on 'Interaction,' both for professional re-education and skills programs. I received a text message from a dear colleague on October 12, 2021. "Hi! Dzintra, I have a cold-pimple. I miss you very much, Ilona."

Although my primary education is in psychology, the first months in the project were a challenge - different diagnoses, characters, stories of life, and experiences. Unfortunately, it's often excruciating. My participation in these programs was very small. This included 30 or 70 hours in 4 or 6-month long programs where students learned various skills,  loading consumption goods in a warehouse, sorting and copying, planting vegetables, trees, and bushes, casting candles, etc.

On October 17 I received  a message from my friend Elite:  "I wrote a fairy tale about you. Jonathan's seagull, Dzintra, was a friend not only of seagulls but sparrows."

I quickly realized that theoretical lessons were unsuitable, so I had to use the methods learned in andragogy studies - intensive work and games, imagination, and experience. An hour for close contacts can only begin if I understand each student's mood and the current challenges that need to be resolved. Maybe they are still sleepy (medicines, strange environment), so we start with some exercises. Perhaps they are sad, or something unpleasant has happened. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you. Sometimes the fantastic colleagues - social workers, psychologists - have to be involved.

And you can still have a Tear Party. What's that? The first one we organized when the crafts teacher left. The students were so sad. They were afraid to show it because they knew it was not the done thing to cry. You'll have to take medicine if you cry. So put simply -  don't. We decided that we could let ourselves grieve and mourn and grieve once again for all our losses. The tears quickly turned into conversations, stories; we found music and moved around, danced.

On September 10 , I received a message from Zanda. A link was sent with instructions on how to copy text and pictures, saying: "Everything is explained. You can do it yourself." Is this the same Zanda that was crying and angry but now teaching and encouraging me???

You can't teach just by sitting on a school bench! We need to use all the possibilities of what the school location offers. This courtyard suits lessons, where several groups can join together for joint games, a well-established green class, cultural institutions nearby, parks, woods, sea, river. Colour therapy in the garden and beauty all around us.

On October 3, Maris: "Greetings in the Teachers' Day!"

I know I did my best to raise my students' self-confidence, self-respect, develop their skills to understand and drive their own emotions. So they can use them in future, in close contact with oneself and others.

We overcame our fears and climbed the towers. No obstacles can stop us if we are free and able to see opportunities!

Such pure and genuine love always accompanies me. I am happy I have met around 150 fantastic people, and I hope that this will not be just another project. It will be an opportunity for many more sensitive, different-minded people to feel part of the community, part of society, work, and life!

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Šis stāsts iedvesmo darbam, neļauj nolaist rokas, pat, ja nezini, ar ko sākt. Ja ir patiesa vēlēšanās palīdzēt cilvēkiem, ir jādara. Paldies par iedvesmu!

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Sen nebiju lasījusi tik pozitīvu rakstu ar dzirkstošu Dz.Līces temperamentu saldajā ēdienā! PALDIES! Raksts EPALE par pilnībā iespèjamu iekļaujošo izglītību cilvēkiem ar dažādiem garīga rakstura un funkcionāliem traucējumiem apliecina, ka Latvijas sabiedrības attieksme mainās. Šie cilvēki ir mums līdzās un vēlas strādāt, mācīties, izkļut no savu sāpju un nevarēšanas loka. Manuprāt, veiksmes faktori iekļaujošās izglītības pamatā ir iedvesmojoši kolēģi vienotā komandā, izpratne par pieaugušu izglītojamo vajadzībām un mazliet trakuma, jo jālaužas starp neticības, skepses durvīm darba tigū.

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