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A streaming service for learning – new visions for lifelong learning in Norway

To be able to achieve this, we must make use of the possibilities that technology affords. For workers to be relevant and attractive in tomorrow’s labour market, they must have the opportunity to update and improve their skills to bring them into line with needs.

It is therefore necessary to think again, both about how learning programmes can be developed and delivered, and how the entire national system for lifelong learning can be organised.

With the coronavirus crisis, flexible online learning on an unprecedented scale became the new normal – and all in a matter of just a few weeks.This has given us a good starting point for the next step: establishing a Norwegian streaming service for professional development, where citizens can learn what they need, where they are, and when they need it.

The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent, public body that provides the Norwegian Parliament (the Storting) and other authorities with innovative and reasoned input on new technology, and put opportunities and challenges of new technology on the agenda.

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Norwegian Board of Technology
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