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Visual art education, Environmental education, Sustainable development, The ecological footprint, Environmental problems

Ecology based art production emerged from the end 1960s to 1980s by the effect of environmental art movements particularly earth and land work. Ecology artists have worked out of the known techniques and tools in art. Some preferred shaping the materials found in nature whereas others used waste materials and recycled them. Some artists, on the other hand, had an interdisciplinary approach and used educational documents and tried to develop solutions to a global level environmental problem. Many ecological artists particularly focused on human in their environmental activities and ecology based art works as global and environmental matters are society and life centered. In their works they tried to warn people through metaphor and humor. They attract attention particularly to environmental problems that occur due to interactions between nature and social life, and also state that cultural restoration is necessary as much as nature concerned ecological restoration. Because according to them, sustainable life style is possible only through both ecological and cultural restoration and art has the power to make difference in ecological sensibility. This study particularly focuses on the pieces of artists who directly give messages about environmental issues or invite people to think about sustainability. Within the scope of a descriptive analysis on artists’ work such as Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, Andy Goldsworthy, Mierle Ukeles, David Hansen, Mel Chin, Maro Michalakakos the aim was to draw people’s attention to environmental responsibilities through ecology and sustainable art practices. In this study, after the artists’ works were analyzed in general based on the issues they work on, evaluations were made about how sustainability and ecologic issues could be handled on theory and application level in art education.

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