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Looking for partners for KA1 project

Alustanud | Postitatud N, 01/09/2020 - 18:13

4visioner is an organization with international experience in Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ programs (pilot projects, VETPRO and IVT projects) and training within the European Social Fund. In the past, the company carried out dozens of mobility projects and is now implementing mobility projects within Erasmus +.

4visioner has experience in mobility projects with the following activities:

• cooperation with the sending organization, administration and project management

• organization of the internships and/or placement, provision of accommodation and meals, welcome of participants, provision of cultural and linguistic support

• supervision of participants during their internship or vocational training

• providing final certification of each participant

• evaluation, reporting, and dissemination of the project results through informational means


We have prepared an expert-lead internship in many fields of your ability and choice. Staying in cities such as Ankara,İstanbul,Antalya,Kapadokya  and many others your students can look forward to not only a professional training in prominent companies but also to an opportunity to get to know the Ankara and its surroundings. You can also fully rely on our professional support to the participants for the entire duration of their stay. The duration of an internship starts on two weeks.


Internships and Training Departments

Administration, Animal Breeding, Automotive Electromechanical, Building Insulation, Business Departments, Car Repair, Cookery And Gastronomy, Front Office, Gastronomy, Health, Interior And Furniture Technology, Mechatronics, Other, Tourism And Tourism Management

Partnership Details
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L, 09/01/2021 - 01:00
4visioner hosting and consultancy
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