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Handbook Inclusive Adult Education with Refugees

The Out-Side-In-Handbook for the inclusion of refugees into adult education includes all OSI-modules for a professional qualification of multipliers in their inclusive competences. The structure of the chapters are as following oriented on the guideline for the trainee program of the project:

O. Introduction

A. Mikro-level of Training:

1. Background Knowledge and Self-reflection for the target-group refugees (cognitive, affective)

2. Training Supervision for "less"-prejudiced Togetherness in learning groups with refugees (behavioural)

3. Performing group-reflections for deconstruction of prejudices in groups with refugees - (cognitive, affective)

4. Inclusive communication skills through innovative creative methods of moderation

B. Meso-Level of Educational Organisation

5. Sustainable Outreach-Strategies for the target groups of Refugees


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