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Explore, learn, share: Publications of the European Commission

"A collection of innovative and inspiring resources: explore, learn, share" promotes interesting and innovative ideas emerging from EU-funded projects to help inspire teachers, non-governmental organisations, project applicants and policymakers across Europe to develop their professional practice.

Basic skills

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  • Training tools and resources for teaching key competences
  • Developping teacher skills in key competences for teaching and learning
  • Promoting literacy, numeracy and information communication technologies (ICT) skills



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  • Raising intercultural awareness and social understanding
  • Developping approaches to valuing cultural diversity and combating discrimination
  • Teaching citizenship education
  • Developping tools for teaching active citizenship


Digital competences

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  • Teaching methodologies using information communication technologies (ICTs)
  • Developing teachers' digital pedagogic skills
  • Institutional strategies to enable the use of ICTs in teaching and learning
  • Digital literacy strategies to help learners acquire digital skills


Language Learning

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  • Language learning and work
  • Addressing specific needs and groups
  • Language learning and intercultural education
  • Language learning through ICT and web-based games


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