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We are looking for an APPLICANT (LEAD PARTNER) for Erasmus+ KA2 for a project concerning training Board members of NGOs

Alustanud | Postitatud R, 01/27/2017 - 16:40

Realising the growing importance and weight of civil sector across Europe, we aim to develop an efficient open training resources tailored to the specific needs of the board members in civil society entities – associations, foundations, professional organisation and other non-profit organisations, and publish it on the project web platform as open educational resource. It will help associations and non-profit organisations develop clear strategic directions, pursue opportunities, solve challenges, and provide their membership with the services that they deserve, in essence, help associations exceed members’ and beneficiaries’ expectations.

The training will assist start-ups and help good associations get better. Hence, the overall aim of the project is to create and disseminate efficient high quality open training resources for Managing boards’ members of civil society organisations resulting in improvement of non-profit organisations and thus enabling more active participation of European citizens in society and reinforcing civil society’s response to the main challenges of today's world (employment, economic stability and growth, refugee crisis, rule of law, environment as well as active participation in democratic life).

We have applied in 2016 but not approved. Now we are willing to try again with another lead partner. We are ready to write the project, having in mind the assessors' notes from our first attempt. We prefer the Applicant to be from UK, Italy, Poland. The organization has to have experience and interests in the field of civil society policies and good practices.

Although we already have our team assembled, other participants with solid rationalee are also welcome to join.

Partnership Details
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T, 28/02/2017 - 00:00
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NGO managed by a managing board and with experience and interests in the field of civil society policies and good practices.
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