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EPALE thematic focus: art, creativity and culture in adult education

Across Europe, projects are carried out that combine art, culture and adult education. Discover them now on EPALE!


 Themenfokus Kunst, Kreativität und Kultur

Projects combining art, culture and adult education are being carried out across Europe. A call for complementary proposals to the Erasmus+ programme was launched in August 2020, seeking to encourage the development of partnership projects (Key Action 2): "partnerships for creativity".

To echo the richness of these initiatives, the EPALE teams of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Hungary have decided to launch this joint, multilingual and collaborative focus on culture and creativity. 

What projects are being carried out in these countries? What teaching methods do they use? How can culture become a vehicle for civic values? How can we develop the creativity of the most disadvantaged groups? How are dance and drama techniques used to integrate disadvantaged target groups?

You can read a wide range of inspiring contributions on these and other topics in the focus week from 15 to 22 September 2021 on EPALE, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days (18 and 19 September 2021).

Please scroll down and discover all articles of our three main topics: new educational methodologies, performing arts and cultural heritage and museums on each day!

The articles of the focus week:


17.09.2021 Friday

New educational methodologies 

The Sound of Business – Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Competences of Adults to Extenuate the Business Knowledge Divide

How does music life relate to the business world? The various areas related to business management are also illustrated by the completed project products through examples of rock music icons.


KunstZ offers theatre training for non-native speakers in Flanders

Greet Vissers (KunstZ) coordinates a theatre workspace that offers professional theatre training and courses for newcomers in Flanders, refugees and people with different cultural backgrounds. They focus on people who already followed theatre or film courses in their country of origin.

Performing Arts 

Art Helps You Make Sense of the World Around You

Dance Info Finland’s Erasmus+ project strives to build up the digital competence of performing arts professionals. Rather than adapting art forms based on presence to the digital or virtual format as such, the objective of the project is to provide inspiration and increase understanding of the new opportunities and performance types enabled by digitalisation.

Cultural Heritage and Museums 


The "Trails" project has been created to promote Art in Adult Education. Focusing on Early Civilizations and Ancient Cultures on the European Continent, the participating organizations will devise activities in search of links to Europe's prehistorical past.  


16.09.2021 Thursday

New educational methodologies 

EduArt - In What Kind of World Do We Want to Live in the Future?

This question has become more relevant than ever since the coronavirus pandemic. The shifting social structures and forms of communication have left many people feeling isolated, insecure, or frustrated. This shift also defines what is required from a “new” type of adult learning.


Frauke Seynaeve (Platform K) on professional dance education for adults with (learning) disabilities

People with a (learning) disability face a variety of barriers when wanting to become dancers. Platform-K aims to change this by providing professional dance education and promoting inclusive dance productions.

Performing Arts 

Do You See What I See? Invisible Theater for a more Inculusive Society...

In the framework of the project interactive theatre techniques are applied to involve people in the street in an exciting and educational experiment.

Cultural Heritage and Museums 

Art in a Different Way – Looking for Ideas for Art Museum Work from across the World

What is exhibition architecture like in Italy? How has Maribor Art Gallery in Slovenia organised museum education? And what is the museum personnel’s working day like in Malaga? These are some of the questions pondered by the personnel of Rovaniemi Art Museum, who submitted an application to the Erasmus+ programme in 2019. 


15.09.2021 Wednesday

New educational methodologies

Creative Change or What we can learn from creatives in the management of EU projects

You take a pinch of management, creativity, culture and mix them together to generate new ideas for the implementation of EU projects.


Do it yourself but above all do it together!

An example of a cultural social place (« tiers-lieu ») with La Konk Créative in Concarneau, France.

Performing Arts 

Digital technology and dance

Katja Vaghi gives an overview of digital technology in the arts and presents the Erasmus+ Project “Art Meets Digital Technology“.

Cultural Heritage and Museums 

Digital Treasures of Archives Reach the Young and the Old

This project attempts to apply innovative solutions that make the traditional public collection model easier to understand, more interesting for society and that connects institutions with citizens.


20.09.2021 Monday

New educational methodologies 

EASY TARGET – Discovering ‘Lecture Performance’ as a Mean of Cultural Education

EASY TARGET is a project from the Domberg Academy education lab. This lab trials innovative and unusual education formats which the Domberg Academy team believes capable of conveying contemporary and relevant topics in an especially memorable way.


Austrian Survey on transdisciplinary and multilingual Urban Arts Education

This survey formulates needs, challenges and success indicators of transdisciplinary and multilingual Urban Arts Education in Austria.

Performing Arts 

Theater play 'We, People’ unites students of all ages and cultures

Kaat Verheeke and the Centre for Basic Education created the theatre play ‘we people’. More than thirty students from different courses told their story in words, images and sound. Initially the focus was on language, but the project grew into a unique opportunity to showcase talents, promote self-expression and connect.


BOOM'STRUCTUR: supporting performing artists

A cultural, territorial and inclusive commitment.

Cultural Heritage and Museums 

Interpreting cultural heritage – Strengthening cohesion. The Erasmus+ project People, Places and Stories

Placing integrative narrative, participation, and contemporary thought-shaping processes at the centre of interpretation helps to emphasise the unifying elements of culture and cultural heritage. Their decisive, positive role in social and European cohesion can be utilised thanks to this bridge-building approach.


21.09.2021 Tuesday

New educational methodologies 

Choose a Book to Take |- liveLibrary

The main objective of liveLibrary is to do away with stereotypes and foster and strengthen our understanding towards one another, while the “Choose a Book to Take”- part of the event offers numberless books.


Role of Culture for Building Self-confidence and Empowerment to (re)Enter the Job Market

The arts are a vehicle to address a lack of much-needed soft-skills, and the ‘intra- and inter-personal skills essential for personal development, social participation and workplace success’.

Performing Arts 

THEATER FESTIVALS: an opportunity to engage and train volunteers

How to address volunteers from all types of festivals? What European exchanges can be launched?

Cultural Heritage and Museums 

Office Gallery – Art Closer to People

This is an innovative example of how cultural education can be implemented in a way different from traditions, in an informal environment like workplace. 


22.09.2021 Wednesday

New educational methodologies 

Cultural pilots advocate for more participation in art and culture

The "Kulturlotsinnen" organise visits to art and cultural events for workers in Vienna in an effort to eliminate barriers. An interview with two pilots.


Arts and Adult Education: a challenging relationship

The conflictive relationship of the arts to education, particularly adult education, is challenging and full of conflicts. And it meant to be so.

Performing Arts 

A unique place for learning world music

Shalan Alhamwy teaches in the World Music School in Ghent, a unique music school that focuses on world music and has courses mostly in oriental instruments. They have mix of students with very diverse origins.

Cultural Heritage and Museums 

Team of Art: a museum accessible to all

Team of Art accompanies learners with little or no qualifications and with special needs in discovering works of art.


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