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Learning Disability Wales – Inspire Easy Read: Our plan for making Wales a creative place 2019-2024

Learning Disability Wales has produced an Easy Read document of the country’s plan to make Wales a creative place over the period of 2019 to 2024, which can be used by those with learning disabilities and their carers. The document replaces difficult language with words that are easy to understand and also provides definitions and guidance for words that might be hard to understand or that need to be provided in a particular context. 

Learning Disability Wales understands that everyone has the right to access information about their community and major initiatives and plans happening in their country. As a result, the organisation has created a range of Easy Read documents that can be understood by those with learning difficulties and disabilities

The booklet explores the different kinds of activities that make up the creative arts, including theatre, music, writing, crafts, art and performance and explains what each of these means and involves. It then discusses what is considered important to Wales as a community and how the country plans to increase participation in the creative arts. 

The booklet includes a Hard Words section at the back that provides simple definitions for words included.



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