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EPALE - Plataforma electrónica dedicada a la enseñanza para adultos en Europa

Inclusión social; multicultural; Erasmus+

Urgent partner search for project named <Conscious learning environment thorough HEARTFULNESS practices>

EDUFOR will develop together with APEEV - Association for Excellence in Vocational Education a new Strategic Partnership project for VET education. Our project aims to introduce Conscious Learning Environment into education. We'll develop and run 2 blended type training courses dedicated to VET trainers (including disadvantaged persons: old/very young/women’s trainers). The courses will be teaching face to face and through e-learning. We'll develop specific skills related to conscious coaching for VET teachers. After the validation of their learning outcomes some of them, named ambassadors will participate into “heartfulness course”. The “ambassadors” will be enrolled as voluntaries and will apply the “heartfulness” course with their own students. An impact report on VET learners will be produces with the help of project staff and ambassadors. We need to find partners with the same needs and with own practices/methods to share in the field of conscious coaching, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation practices. We need also a partner which apply “QUANTUM coaching” and can host a “joint staff training event”. Another partner will consider it will be the one with a large impact at European level capable to disseminate the project results and propose new measures to EU/National bodies and in the mean team experienced into coaching and/or heartfulness/mindfulness field. Partners can be located in any European country. Please contact us on the following emails:;

Looking for partners in Erasmus+ KA2 project - adult education, non-formal educaton, active aging

Project name: „My Treasure – Our Treasure”
Planned duration: 18-20 months
Project language: English
Target group: adults around and above 55 years and pensioners
Problem statement: In rural small communities the older generation possesses countless material and intangible virtues and values, which for them are common and may seem less valuable, but in reality it’s significant in its kind and in the community.
Our goal is to show and to highlight that:
- they possess knowledge that is of importance in regard of microhistory


| 6 Febrero 2019
| por Michèle MOMBEEK

European policies and the national policies of Belgium, France and Luxembourg focus on access to training by persons who are less qualified and alienated from the work place.  The teams of EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) and EAAL (European Agenda for Adult Learning) from these three countries have therefore decided to organize jointly a conference to broach the issue of the role played by adult training in social inclusion. This event will provide a prime opportunity for the different stakeholders in this matter to meet.


| 5 Febrero 2019

The "Danube Delta" Economics College has been involved in the Erasmus + strategic partnership project  - entitled "Vocational Educational Training for Skills, Competence and Practice for Economy", number: 2017-1 - AT01 - KA219-035010_7.

The project takes place in the interval 1.09.2017 - 28.02.2019.

The following activities were carried out  during the project:


| 1 Febrero 2019
| por Marica Vukomanovic

EPALE National Support Service issues an electronic magazine each month tied to the thematic focus on EPALE. The magazine contains a selection of most read blogs on the platform translated into Serbian and other articles relevant to adult education in Serbia and Europe.

In accordance with the EPALE monthly focus the magazine in October 2018 dealt with Projects and partnerships.

De Lunes 4 Febrero 2019 hasta Viernes 8 Febrero 2019, Spain

Key-Co System Training Course in Madrid

From 4 to 8 February, the first training course developed by Key-Co Systemproject will be held in Madrid, Spain. Teachers and educators working in the the field of adult education will take part to a 5-day seminar hosted by the Spanish organizations Solidaridad Sin Fronteras and Asociación Guaranì. Many challenging topics will be on the agenda: the migration issue, the methodologies to enhance the life experience of the adult learner, the need to overcome ethnocentrism, prejudice and discrimination.


| 31 Enero 2019

Los Proyectos de Cooperación a Futuro, Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects (FLCPs), son proyectos a gran escala con el objetivo de identificar, probar, desarrollar o evaluar enfoques políticos innovadores que tienen el potencial de integrarse y mejorar los sistemas de educación y formación.


| 31 Enero 2019
Το ΣΔΕ Σάμου ολοκλήρωσε με επιτυχία το πρόγραμμα “Integration of refugees in the classroom” ("Ένταξη των προσφύγων στην τάξη"), το οποίο πραγματοποιήθηκε μέσω του προγράμματος κινητικότητας ERASMUS+ του ΙΚΥ. Το πρόγραμμα ξεκίνησε στις 1/9/2017 και ολοκληρώθηκε στις 31/12/2018. Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτή, υλοποιήθηκαν ποικίλες δράσεις με σκοπό την ομαλή προσαρμογή των προσφύγων στο ελληνικό εκπαιδευτικό σύστημα και τον ελληνικό πολιτισμό.
De Domingo 2 Junio 2019 hasta Sábado 8 Junio 2019, Portugal

Training Course: ECVET – practical issues

The school of the future is beyond the walls of your school and beyond the boarder that surround your country when it comes to developing competencies and acquiring a given vocational education and training qualification. Mobility of citizens – workers and students – in Europe is increasing and has been encouraged by several European initiatives, such as, the initiative 'Youth on the move', a Europe 2020 initiative, which aims to improve results of education systems and to facilitate the entry of young people in the labour market, in particular through programmes of study, learning and training, financed by the European Union, as well as platforms designed to help young people to find employment in the Union. In this way, the number of I-VET learners who take up the challenge of participating in a European mobility programme during their academic training is also increasing. At the European level, namely for the education authorities in each country and the schools themselves, the challenge is the transparent validation and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications acquired abroad. The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), established by a Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on June 18, 2009, is a common methodological framework that facilitates the accumulation and transfer of credits allocated to learning outcomes from one qualification system to another. Its objective is to promote transnational mobility and access to lifelong learning. This training course will provide you with knowledge and competencies on how to put into practice the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training – ECVET – as well as with practical methodologies and tools previously tested in a project and considered by the Portuguese National Agency as a good practice.
Lunes 11 Febrero 2019, Spain

Jornada de formación a solicitantes de Asociaciones Estratégicas Formación Profesional 2019 (KA2) en Madrid

El día 11 de febrero, de 10:00 a 14:30, tendrá lugar una Jornada de formación a solicitantes de Asociaciones Estratégicas Formación Profesional 2019 (KA2) en el Auditorio de Cultura del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, en la calle San Marcos, 40. Está enmarcada dentro de la convocatoria de propuestas del programa Erasmus+ Acción clave 2 (AC2): Cooperación para la innovación y el intercambio de buenas prácticas.


| 30 Enero 2019
| por Giuseppina Bomba

With the advent of digital technology in the museum, tourism and culture sector, new professionals have been created. It is crucial that when training young people we give them some transversal competences coupled with cultural education at European level. Young people need the right mix of professional skills, including entrepreneurial skills and language skills, and transversal skills (eg. Problem solving), see market research ItaliaCreativa. 


| 30 Enero 2019
| por Klaudius Šilhár

V súčasnosti na Slovensku absentuje systémový politicky usmerňovaný prístup k vekovému manažmentu v oblasti riadenia ľudských zdrojov. Vekový manažment sa vzťahuje na rôzne dimenzie riadenia ľudských zdrojov v rámci organizácie s dôrazom na primerané zastúpenie vekových skupín a všeobecnejšie tiež na celkové riadenie starnutia pracovnej sily prostredníctvom verejnej politiky alebo kolektívneho vyjednávania. Vekový manažment má holistickú, medzigeneračnú a celoživotnú orientáciu. Správny vekový manažment (t. j.


| 29 Enero 2019
| por Daria Mrsic

Međunarodno udruženje ‘Interaktivne otvorene škole’ (MIOS Tuzla) organizovalo je VIII konferenciju na temu: ‘Društveni uticaj i promjene kojima škole doprinose u BH društvu’. Konferencija, koja je održana 17. januara 2019.godine u Tuzli, bila je namijenjena obrazovnoj javnosti, odnosno predstavnicima škola, roditeljima, predstavnicima institucija i tijela odgovornih za obrazovanje na području Tuzlanskog kantona i šire, te ostalim institucijama i organizacijama koje u djelokrugu vlastitog rada imaju saradnju sa školama.


| 29 Enero 2019
| por Sanja Denić


The job of an educator is very challenging and requires a lot of patience, creativity and a variety of materials that must be adapted to the age group that is being worked with, but also to the curriculum that needs to be mastered. Although we can cover the same topic with different age groups, the content of this topic will not be the same because the initial knowledge is different, which means that we can not use the same teaching material in working with different age groups.


| 28 Enero 2019
| por Martina Pervan

Susreti različitih kultura u suvremenom svijetu zbivaju se gotovo svakog trena u najraznovrsnijim oblicima komuniciranja. Međusobni kontakti pripadnika različitih kultura podrazumijevaju nužnost kvalitetnog suodnosa temeljenog na ideji interkulturalizma koji se javlja kao moguće rješenje za kvalitetan suživot u multikulturalnom društvu.


| 28 Enero 2019
| por Sabine Schroten

Vier collega’s van het Friesland College, werkzaam bij FC Extra (inburgeringstrajecten en trajecten basisvaardigheden (formeel en non-formeel leren voor volwassenen), brachten eind november 2018 een werkbezoek aan Denemarken. Dit was het laatste van de vijf geplande werkbezoeken in het kader van het Erasmus+ KA1-project ‘Een kijkje bij de buren’, Educatie als sleutel voor integratie van migranten’.

Looking for partners for a KA104 / Job Shadowing.- Good practices in adult education.

We are looking for partners for a KA104/ Job Shadowing on the exchange o good practices in adult education.

We would like to visit adult education centres in Europe and receive then in our center.

we are willing to learn how to improve our teaching in this field, by means of incorporating experiences and knowledge from other places in Europe.

At present, we have elaborated and coordinated different Grundvig and eramus ka1 and ka2 projects.




Looking for partners for an Erasmus+ KA204 project

I am Juan Francisco, the director of an adult educational center in Ciudad Real (Spain).

We are interested to be partner in a KA204 project working with adult learners.

We have some experience in europen projects:

Don´t hesitate to contact with us by email: or in the contact form:


| 25 Enero 2019
| por Iliana Taneva

26.01.2019 г.

По настоящата Покана за подаване на предложения в сферата на Образованието за възрастни ще бъде отпускана финансова подкрепа на организации, които работят в сътрудничество с други организации от програмни и партниращи държави по Програма „Еразъм+“. 

Краен срок за подаване на предложенията – 21.03.2019г.


Автор: Център за развитие на човешките ресурси

De Lunes 11 Octubre 2021 hasta Viernes 15 Octubre 2021, Italy

Preschool: welcome parents

This intensive course gives to educational figures the possibility to approach methods and instruments useful to involve parents in preschool to promote a positive beginning. The well balanced programme between theoretical parts and practical experiences permits participants to be well prepared and informed about methods, techniques and instruments useful in Preschool. 

This course is addressed to:
- Educational staff: teachers, school leaders, educators, trainers, school administrators
- Adult Educational Staff: experts involved in training of educational staff

De Lunes 8 Marzo 2021 hasta Viernes 12 Marzo 2021, Italy

Preschool: welcome parents

This intensive course gives to educational figures the possibility to approach methods and instruments useful to involve parents in preschool to promote a positive beginning. The well balanced programme between theoretical parts and practical experiences permits participants to be well prepared and informed about methods, techniques and instruments useful in Preschool. 

This course is addressed to:
- Educational staff: teachers, school leaders, educators, trainers, school administrators
- Adult Educational Staff: experts involved in training of educational staff


| 24 Enero 2019
| por Kristijan Bagi
An act of desperation of an analogue man in a digital age: after losing the key partner in a KA2 project for development of digital/online tools for adult learners, I asked the EPALE community for help, expecting no results whatsoever. The unexpected, miraculous result#1: over 15 major organizations from all over EU respond within hours, offering more help than I would ever dare ask. The unexpected, miraculous result#2: Wow, these online things really DO work!
Viernes 22 Febrero 2019, Serbia

Радионица за припрему KA2 пројеката стратешких партнерстава у образовању одраслих

Фондација Темпус 22. фебруара 2019. организује једнодневну радионицу за све установе које могу да се пријаве за пројекте у области образовања одраслих.

De Viernes 17 Abril 2020 hasta Martes 21 Abril 2020, Ireland

Leadership Skills Development Training Programme

A 5-day programme designed for all who work with teams and organisations, or project leaders looking to improve their impact and performance. Participants will learn and learn how to teach leadership skills & responsibilities by developing the qualities of more productive, authentic, energetic and engaged leadership.
De Jueves 17 Octubre 2019 hasta Martes 22 Octubre 2019, Ireland

Working With Diversity

A 5-day training programme which aims to introduce participants to Working With Diversity in the Workplace. This programme is specifically designed for all who work as project leaders or in an organisation who are working with diverse communities or workplaces.
De Jueves 9 Enero 2020 hasta Martes 14 Enero 2020, Ireland

Managing Effective Change for Organisations and Teams

This 5-day training programme aims to increase the ability and success of an organisation to implement change. Specifically designed for those who work in organisations or as project leaders looking to improve their organisations or teams impact and performance. This programme will teach participants how they can make sure that their organisation is part of the 20% success rate for organisational change.
De Viernes 6 Marzo 2020 hasta Martes 10 Marzo 2020, Ireland

Creative Thinking, Innovation and Problem Solving for Teams

This 5-day training programme aims to improve participants idea generation capabilities, impact, and relationships by understanding creative thinking, innovation and business model development. Participants will be introduced to a number of tools like mapping ideas, environmental stimuli, business models, and benchmarking, and will learn the processes involved in bringing an idea through to application.


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