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KA104 Job shadowing approved project/ looking for interested partners in Belgium, north Italy, Norway

Iniciado por | Publicado el Mar, 11/26/2019 - 12:29

Dear future partners,

We are working on KA104 Job shadowing approved project and we are looking for interested partners in Belgium, north Italy, Norway

Topic: Montessori method for adults and innovative methods of learning

This project focuses on finding new teaching tools, teaching strategies and teaching-learning methods in education, integrating innovation in every process.The main objective is to exchange experiences and good practices, learn innovative and pedagogical methodologies of learning, develop socio-educational projects.Radio ECCA is committed to internationalization and has been participating as partners in different European projects.We want to encourage active dialogue with other European entities.Objectives:    Train our workers with new tools, work methodologies and project management, educational proposals and innovative content in the field of education and project management that will have a positive impact on users.    Promote greater participation in European programs, in this case the Erasmus+, while familiarizing themselves with the program and encouraging the participation of their young students.    Transfer learning and work mentality in the dynamics of European projects and with our collaborative networks with which we work from our institution.    Share with the institutions the operation and philosophy of our own pedagogical system

Please contact us to join the project.The mobilities will be organized between february and may 2020.

Thank you for your infos, ideas, support and good practices.

Best regards

Partnership Details
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Mar, 31/12/2019 - 01:00
Radio ECCA
Tipo de actividad
Intercambio de ideas y buenas prácticas
Observación de actividades profesionales

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