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Interested in becoming a partner in KA2 projects or other EU projects

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We're interested in becoming a partner in KA2 project with organizations with whom we share similar interests. 

In 2012 The Plungė Municipal Public Library began a new life, due to the fact that the library moved to a reconstructed XIX century’s castle with a clock tower. The library building is a state protected cultural heritage site complete with restored mid-19th century clock mechanism. The clock tower, and now the library are part of the ensemble of Duke Mykolas Oginskis' estate which is located in the city park. This Ducal ensemble is very important and significant in a cultural, social and natural sense not only for the city but for the country as a whole.  The librarians constantly organize various projects; actively join the cultural and social life of the city. One of the priorities of the library is non-formal education. Library supports values as: opportunities of non-formal education, cooperation with youth from different countries and attract youth to participate in various activities. Additionally, as library based in cultural heritage object and heritage environment, institution is promoting and implementing projects related to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Some of recent and outgoing projects related to heritage summarised bellow:

HE.CO. – Heritage Valorization for Small Local Communities (2018). Erasmus + KA204 The library is a partner in the project. The project aims to promote the exchange of good practices and the development of the new methodologies through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which enhance the local cultural heritage in the context of different European countries, directly involving the staff of the institutions implementing the actions envisaged.

The reviving 19th century orangery of duke‘s M.M. Oginskis (2019/2020).  The Project aims to restore the XIX century orangery of duke’s M. M. Oginskis. Plungė Public Library every year attracts many tourists to the library and most of them are searching or willing to see remains of the orangery which have been there in XIX century. Unfortunately, not many of remains are left; therefore librarians came up with the idea of restoring XIX orangery, using modern technology in this case - virtual reality.  Virtual reality orangery is filled with the plants (which have been there during the XIX century period) and information is provided in Lithuanian and English languages. Aside was created plant music education.

Plungė Smart Park (2015).  Within the Project was created the virtual educational – cognitive program (website format) of Plungė Park. The program is also applied for mobile devices and tablets ( The website has three virtual tours of the park: Fauna, Flora and Cultural objects (87 objects marked in total).  QR codes were installed throughout the park on different objects from those three tours. More than that, for the first time, was created parks’ virtual map and virtual tour (360 degrees photos of the park). The photos can be viewed through virtual reality glasses. Overall, information is provided in Lithuanian and English language; also in both languages are audio records. The information can be seen/used/viewed and reached from home, schools and etc., but the virtual map, OR codes can be used once you are in the park Tablets, smart phones, virtual glasses and tours are provided in the library and excursions are available with librarians. The project aimed to create the three main segments of sustainability: environmental protection (increasing love for nature); social development (pleasing the local community and engaging in the project); economic development (attract more tourist and visitors to the park). Projects’ Nominees – 1. „Most successful Tourism product in 2016“from the State’s Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy 2.   Annual awards and CSS program awards “Web design of a day”. 3. EIFL (2017) Public Library Innovation Award.


Partnership Details
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