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FPA Menicil is looking for job shadowing KA104

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FPA Menicil is a state adult school in Manises (Spain). We are placed in a town 7 km from Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. The airport is placed in our location, so communications are excellent. 

Our school offers a second chance education to adults (18-80). Our students are actively involved in their education process as they are aware of this new opportunity we are offering, they are eager to participate in each and every activity we organise: from trips to European countries to any proyect we might organise.

Our courses include:

  • Secondary Education Certificate
  • English courses (from A1 to B2)
  • History of the Art courses, including visiting important historical places in our surrounding area
  • Literacy courses
  • Valencian language education
  • Exam preparation for university access and vocational studies
  • Reading courses

We are interested in job shadowing or KA1 as we intent to improve our quality in education by sharing experiences with other adult schools all over Europe.

Our main objectives are:

  • To get to know the school management or administration
  • How the learning process, methodology and resourses of foreign language teaching work in the different adult schools we might visit
  • Project based learning
  • How the socio-cultural and economic background is integrated in the curriculum
  • How the adult students are reintroduced in the social and productive system after they have finished their education
  • History of the Art teachers exchange of experiences

Contact: cristinaprofeingles@gmail.comWebpage:


Partnership Details
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