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Common Cultural Heritage ( Ortak Kültürel Miras )

Iniciado por | Publicado el Jue, 01/02/2020 - 12:04

Tepebaşı Academy Association (TEKAD) has been established as a civilian responsibility aspired to carry out activities to provide services on a permanent, sustainable basis on the basis of supporting our people, especially young people, women and disadvantaged segments of the society in terms of cultural, academic, sportive, educational and artistic aspects and meeting them with related institutions, organizations and people through projects.

It is a foundation that believes in lifelong learning aiming to reach grassroots through widespread methods concerning the community such as attractive activities, social, health, careers, crafts, and support for academic studies, current agenda assessments, thought clubs, reading and telling skills, traditional sports fields that will be developed to keep young people away from bad habits.

We are looking for partners in our cultural, art and gender equality project related to the Joint Cultural Heritage Grant Scheme.


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