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Inviting KA1 applicants for a UK training course 'Positive Futures' - working effectively with migrants and asylum seekers

United Kingdom
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Sending partners for KA1 course in London, UK :

‘Positive futures: Building cultural, linguistic and personal confidence’

This 5-day course is for teachers, trainers, support workers and mentors from organisations working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, including unaccompanied children and young people.

Participants will develop their knowledge, confidence and skills around validating and increasing resilience, valuing cultural diversity and supporting and motivating their learners. The programme will explore how to build on learners’ strengths, what enables recover from multiple traumas and what can help people build new lives.

Participants from different countries will share different approaches to promoting lifelong learning, employability skills and empowerment across different countries and systems. The course will enable the development of best practice through sharing and exploring the effectiveness of different theoretical frameworks and approaches and practical tools. There will be workshops from local and national organisations in the UK with expertise in the field and a trip to visit and learn about local, London-based organisations working with asylum seekers and refugees.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives of the 5-day programme are to consolidate and develop new insights, skills and good practice in working with migrant communities including:

  • Ways to support learners’ build on their strengths, skills, resilience and hopes
  • Identifying and dismantling barriers to inclusion
  • Specific issues and support needs of unaccompanied minors 
  • Evidenced approaches and good practice in teaching and learning a new language
  • Creating an empowering and motivating learning environment
  • How to reduce the impact of trauma on learning to promote belonging and enhance self-esteem
  • Strategies for developing migrants’ ‘cultural capital’ in their new country
  • Developing cultural competence in working with participants from many different countries and systems
  • Dimensions of diversity and managing different or conflicting needs

This training programme, Positive Futures, is one of a wide range of projects designed and delivered through a partnership of two organisations: Whitton Harrow Ltd., and The Ubele Initiative. We have worked together since 1997. We successfully delivered this course to participants from 4 European countries in August 2018.

Whitton Harrow Ltd. (WHL), led by Marietta Harrow, is a small private consultancy organisation offering diversity and inclusion training, leadership coaching, resource design and project management with a team of six facilitators. Marietta has published learning resources on human rights for The Refugee Council and Amnesty International. She also works with young people who are unaccompanied asylum seekers, supporting high aspirations and educational attainment.

The Ubele Initiative (TUI), led by Yvonne Field, is a not-for-profit, Black and minority-led community organisation with a mission to contribute to the sustainability of the African Diaspora community.  Yvonne leads a team of 12 highly experienced training facilitators and has created a range of international projects around leading change and empowerment.

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