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KA1 art project to find partners and build together KA2 project later

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For nearly 10 years, the company has created theater, contemporary circus, puppet and shadow theater plays. CREA’s identity shines through this multidisciplinary angle which shows a wish to avoid any partition between art forms and individuals. Thus, its artistic direction is diverse and can be understood in many different ways which helps to produce shows opened to all, rooted in contemporary topics in order to build a social bond together. CREA is also a location dedicated to performing arts with its theater stage and its bus turned into a moving stage. It accomodates other artists to offer a rich cultural program to the public. CREA promotes art outside French territory by playing its shows in festivals, by promoting young artists through training workshops. It also takes part to gatherings between artists from different horizons with the aim of exchanging, sharing and discovering a new culture through art. CREA welcomes foreign artists in its own location in Normandy to show their work, to organize meetings between companies from other countries and French population who can learn different kind of artistic technics in a new way. Thanks to its strong experience in the intercultural field, CREA is now labeled as Club of UNESCO and La Caravane des Dix Mots.So we want to apply in 2019 february to KA1 mobility for adult's education to look for partners interested to build KA2 project 2020 around : "how to proove that arts and culture are for all people around the world" no borders no linguistic or psychologic or physical barriers. To participate in an awareness that arts and culture are an another way to learn and progress. We love to meat artists or companies which think about these questions. It’s also possible for us to be a French partner in KA2 project if you apply next February. All is possible : contact us :

Partnership Details
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