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Job to Stay Qualification Profiles

The Job to stay Qualification Profiles is the first Intellectual Output (IO1) of the Erasmus+ project Job to stay. The core outcome of IO 1 is a detailed EQF-based description of job profiles and learning outcomes including culturally determined standards of knowledge (e.g. cleanliness, hygiene, professional clothing, work hierarchies), skills (e.g. general and professional skills in language spoken on the job) and competences (e.g. communication and behaviour in social and professional settings).

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Ulrike Fergen, Pia Winkler, Valerie Elss, Dorothea Möckel, Hartmut Schäfer, Michael Schwaiger, Philipp Lienhart, Sara Rushiti, Zsofia Jobbagy, Matej Vukovič, Mitja Krajnčan, Franci Zlatar, Živa Gabaj, Marilou Breda, Thomas Littwin, Viorica Sirbu
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