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We're looking for partners for youth (early school leving) education project

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Im Pasquale Venditti and I manage the Erasmus+ Project Service of our company Prometeo Educational.

We're an Onlus Cooperative born 25 year ago and we work in non formal education field with local governace in south Italy.

We're also a vocational training center with lots of courses done in the past such us compusory school, welfare to work, and several programs of labor market re-inclusion. 

I started to manage Erasmus Projects in 2014 with Rhythms Of the Year a project focused on the preservation of local traditions in a task of 8 coutries.

Right now we're involved in two E+ projects : Skill IT and Dime : the projects are focused on the ICT support for knowledge an help to improve the personal skills.

Im looking for parners to develop new project based on ICT like educational model of support for unemployed people or students with early school leaving problems.

My idea is to do a innovative model for supporting our students with new competence based on technological support: by the technologies we can teach them new technical competence but also values like self improvement, friendship, sharing and creativity.

For more info o for submititng ideas please take an online coffee at Thanks, Pasquale.

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