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Asociatia Sapio - A.S. / Sapio Association. Looking for partners to participate in a calls KA2 and KA1 projects of education, cultural, civic, training, integration, young.

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   We are looking for partners to participate in a KA2 and KA1 project Erasmus+.  

   We are looking for organisations working in the field of education, cultural, civic, training, develop social and personal skills, integration, accesibility, young ... for the target group such as teachers, adults regardless of their profession, mentors, young people, disabled people in order to join a partnership (KA2 or KA1). 

  More information about us.

  The Association has the objective of developing comprehensive,balanced and quality educational,cultural,civic and spiritual activities offered to young people and anyone in the community to enable them to make decisions that are beneficial to their own development that will have an impact on the world and how they will live.

  The organization has contacts with schools and teachers, youths who work as volunteers in our organization and we want to give teachers, young people and any professional category the opportunity to develop their professional educational, cultural and social skills - lifelong learning.  We want each person to be distinguished in a particular way by ability and dexterity.  Our organization wants to respond to the needs and demands of the person who, through the realities of the 21st century and the next, the person becomes a global (mobile) citizen who needs to be able to work and live anywhere in the world.

   We believe that every person deserves to feel happy in his profession; "The right people in the right profession".

   The Sapio Association’s vision is of a world in which formal education additionally soaks with the non-formal and informal education methods to contribute to the development and accountability processes of the people.

   We believe that the vision is achievable only through designing and implementing strategies meant to develop the personal and professional abilities of the youth or the any person, both in a formal, academic environment and in a non-formal one.We consider that education as a social activity is exerted on human beings from birth, through school ages, adults, in different forms and with different types (formal, non-formal, informal), it is obvious that we can only talk about a permanence of education, of a preexisting and existing educational continuum over the entire living environment.

   We are convinced that participation in the cultural act from an early age is beneficial, developing the capacity for expression and self-representation, but also cultural sensitivity and certain abilities and attitudes, as well as the ability to self-education, creative andcritical thinking. Culture keeps and conveys knowledge, about society, details of everyday life, culture creates values and symbols, cultivates and fortifies social relations. 

   Making the most of the potential of children and young people through:        - Promoting an interactive, modern, cognitive-constructivist teaching-learning-evaluation process;        - Encourage creativity and flexibility of thinking, critical thinking;        - Development of social relations and pro-active attitude;        - Promoting respect and interest in the values of national and universal culture.   Some of our activities:        - promoting concepts and realization formal and non-formal education and lifelong learning;        - pursuing activities with a social, cultural, educational and spiritual purpose;        - promotion and realization of multicultural activities;        - organizing cultural, scientific and artistic events;

        - the promotion and protection of human rights and citizenship;         - promoting interdisciplinary, intercultural, interconfessional and social dialogue in the community;        - organization, mediation, promotion and development of educational, cultural and scientific exchanges with other organizations;        - promoting civic consciousness and attitude especially among young people.

    International projects such as Erasmus + (KA1, KA2).

   We are very much interested in collaborating with you on the development of future project proposals.

   Kindly waiting for your response.

   Contact: Nicolae Mal - and 




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